Unity Water Ceremony

Traditionally couples join together in a ritual at the end of their wedding ceremony that signifies they are united together in marriage.

______________holds the container of yellow water. Yellow is the color of sunshine. The color yellow represents joy and happiness. It also stands for wisdom.

______________holds the container of blue water. First prize gets the blue ribbon. Blue represents confidence and trust. A “true blue” friend is faithful and trustworthy.

_________and ___________ This empty vessel between you represents your marriage. It is a new beginning in your relationship with each other.

____ ____ as you pour your yellow water into the container you bring sunshine and wisdom to your marriage. And ________as you pour your blue water into the marriage vessel, you bring confidence, trust and loyalty to your marriage.

The blending of the yellow and blue water creates green representing the blending of your lives together as one. The color green represents stability, endurance, growth and harmony.

May your marriage reflect these qualities. May your energies in this marriage blend just as equally as your give freely of yourself while honoring the greatness of each other.